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i have spent most of this weekend glued to my computer … now i have left the job the feeling of panic at the pit of my stomach seems to be growing quite rapidly.. I am reading and writing and cramming and learning about marketing strategies and cash flow projections, while surfing for commercial photographers in Mumbai  and trying to decide which webhost and ecommerce solution woul be best for me, while (of course) keeping up a game of scrabble in facebook.. I think my computer thinks I’m mental as I always have about 15 different windows open at the same time. this chaos cannot continue though and I have sent up some task lists for this week to bring some order into my life, and to make sure I get off the computer and get doing stuff.

I did manage to get out of the house for an hour to stretch my legs. i wandered south from our place, to the Afghan Church close to Navy Nagar in Colaba and had a peep inside. unfortunatly i arrived the same time as a couple of busloads of tourists so I missed out on getting that quiet calm that i enjoy in churches.


 according to my good friend Wikipedia, the Afghan Church was consecrated in 1858 and was built to commemorate the First Afghan War of 1838, in which and estimated 12,000 British and Indian troops were killed fighting Afghani soldiers.

photos from Sualeh Fatehi’s flickr set

Then I wandered up to Colaba post office area, and checked out the Art Quest Gallery – they have some really great pieces that I hope to get into stock for Rose & Sunder – I liked their ‘Kitchen Art’ the best, everyday items painted in bright colours.. they would look nice on a sideboard-

and this is a pretty vibrant ‘bed table’:

this is my favourite-


how cool is that? (literally.. it’s an ice box..)

(pics via artquestindia.com)

spent another hour doing my favourite thing ever – wandering the streets, exploring bylanes and window shopping and meandering until i eventually made my way home. tomorrow I plan to go out again and do some building photography, there is some seriously amazing old buildings around our area and some of the features I would love to catch on film and share with you all. tomorrow.. my first day as a self employed woman!


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so this week is my last official week of the desk job. last week of sitting in front of my computer for close to ten hours a day, doing a job I really have no interest in. last week of being attached to my blackberry and dealing with a few hundred emails everyday. last week of just thinking about Rose and Sunder, next week will be all about DOING IT!

Next week I will be full-time working for myself, starting the set-up phase of my new online retail venture. Hopefully I will have a logo up and ready by next month, designed by the lovely Jen over at   Fiery Eyed Studio, I met a women I hope to be my supplies coordinator at the weekend and I am now on the hunt for a web designer (anyone? preferably based in India..). It’s all go and I am very excited..

now if only this week would just END.. is it really still only Monday?

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