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we are with you Tibet


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And todays award for the biggest threat to human life goes to:

Religious Fundamentalists!

yes,  that means all you morons who seem to have either been born with something physically wrong with your brain, have been brainwashed, or are power hungry extremists.

Awards based on news from the last few days:

The Catholics in the Vatican!
Vatican ends aid to Amnesty Internation as it supports abortion

The Hindus in the Shiv Sena!
Unneccessary violence by the Shiv Sena

The Muslims in Jemaah Islamiah!
 Indonesian Police finally capture one of the leaders of Jemaah Islamiah, 5 years after the Bali Bombings.

The Christian President in the White House!
Iraq Policy reaches desperation level – Let’s help them all kill each other!

The Muslim President in Iran!
President Ahmadinejad is running his country into the ground

Fatah vs Hammas in Palestine!
 Blowing up everything they are fighting for

plus all the other fanatics out there who think they have a right to inflict violence on others because of their religious beliefs… Hey, guess what guys – you’re ruining it for everyone else AND giving your religion are really bad reputation! Congratulations!

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