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Gotta love those Russians! I don’t have any sound on my computer but you don’t even have to hear whats going on to laugh out loud at this clip. One guy is trying to give a very serious interview while his friend in the background has had one too many vodkas methinks..: drunk interview

can’t beat Dilbert for a chuckle:


(click to enlarge)


and another favourite cat one:

Have a good friday!


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friday unpoem

so I’m about all rhymed out now and won’t attempt a funny poem this week…

if i was to write one it would be something along the lines of… it rained last night, lots of thunder and lightening.. im all alone this weekend, hope it doesnt get frightening

blah blah

have a nice weekend

see you monday!

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goa, monsoon etc

so after todays lame excuse for a Friday poem I think I should actually write a bit better constructed entry about the week… Flew down early Tuesday morning with a colleague, into sweltering, 80% humidity. The air was so thick you could feel it when you breathed and the clouds were stacked up into high puffy monsters threatening to pour down at any moment. We had one small shower on Thursday morning, but it was more a case of humidity hitting 100% than being a monsoon shower. The rains have not yet hit Kerala, which means they are still at least a week away from coming to Goa and then Mumbai. For now they just threaten and the swell out to sea grows bigger and bigger. Cargo loading operations from Goa have pretty much come to a halt. We went out on a launch on Wednesday, out to outer anchorage to see a vessel there with my colleage, a chief engineer and another former captain. So while they were walking round this launch amid the swell that looked huge to me, I was gripping onto the side for dear life, while trying to follow the one bit of shade that was on the side of the deck. Apparently the swell was actually only 1-2m, quite calm, and these guys are used to being on 4-5m swell.. eek.. I felt quite sick coming back – hot, sweaty and the boat was going side to side to side to side.. All I could do was concentrate on the shore, take deep breathes and pretend that everything was fine and the shade of green I was turning was completely normal.

It was nice to be out of the city again for a few days. Goa is quiet and laid back, the sea is blue and swimmable, the beer is always cold and the seafood is excellent. Had yum Kingfish peri peri, prawn curry, pomfret recheardo, garlic crabs mmmmm can’t get enough of spicy tasty seafood with a cold beer after a hard days work. Perfect pre monsoon food as it help you really get a good sweat up!

This weekend will be organisation time.. Tonight going for some drinks at a friends, but Sat and Sun will be sorting out the disaster area that is our desk and putting paperwork in its right place. My mother-in-law is off for a pilgrimage to Tibet, up Mount Kailash, next week, for 15 days. So we need to get her some good shoes, warm clothes and a first aid kit. Will be a very exciting trip for her, part of it includes a helicopter journey up to first camp, which means she avoids a lot of hard core trekking. She still has 3 days of uphill and I hope she copes well with that, plus the altitude which can just play havoc with your fitness abilities, but I know they have some acclimatisation days factored in so she’ll be fine I’m sure.

Then K and I have a Singapore trip later in June which will be awesome to hangout with my sis for 5 days, do some shopping and have a good gossip as always.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend.. I have new plans to get fit through this: iTrain : a personal trainer in your ipod! sounds like just the motivation i need so will report back on how it all goes.

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friday poem


 Hello weekend

nice to see you again-d!

I’ve been out of Bombay

for the previous 3 days –

Goa was bloody hot

and of sweating I did a lot.

My nose is burnt red

and my butt is tired,

I’ve been climbing round ship’s cranes

getting covered in grease stains,

investigating this and that,

and forgetting to wear my sun hat.

I did get time for a evening swim,

at Bogmalo beach, waves were at maximum!

We went out deep and surfed the waves,

all the onlookers thought we were crazed.

We stayed in past sunset

Washed away all the aches and sweat.

So a really good trip

(apart from my nose tip)

Now its Friday and I might,

spend all of tonight

drinking tonic and gin

and playing backgamm-in.

Hope you enjoy your weekend

see you again-d.

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friday poem

Its Friday again

I’ve got a pain in my brain

 I just said that to rhyme

I do that all the time.

Well this poem’s quite shit

why are you still reading it?

Ha! just a joke,

I don’t want to provoke

you to leave from my blog

to go drink some grog,

It’s Friday after all

go out! have a ball!

Tonight i will stay home

I’ve got loose motion syndrome

and the chinese for lunch

ain’t helping a bunch.

So its curd-rice for me,

thats all i’ll get for tea

when your stomach a mess

its the best for success

in the loo

and for doing a ***.

So thats my friday night,

I hope yours is alright.

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friday poem

it’s friday.

and I don’t have pms

in fact i’m full of happi-ness

this morning

as I was yawning

there came to my door

the greatest sight I ever saw.

It was our cleaner!

To see her I couldn’t have been keener!

Now our house will be sparkling and tidy

and I can really enjoy the fact that it’s Frday.

She been AWOL for three weeks,

and now she’s back I want to shriek!

This weekend I can relax

Put my feet up and smell the lilacs

Mother in law is still away,

K and I have the weekend to play!

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friday poem 2


that time of the month that means i want to spit fire at my husband when he tells me to ‘jaldi, jaldi’ (hurry up) in the mornings.

that time when the honking horns of Mumbai traffic  freakin’ well get on my nerves.

that time when I feel like gouging the eyes out of the taxi driver who stares at my chest.

that time when all reason goes out the door.

that time when I thank god I had the foresight to organise a girls night out with a friend tonight.

that time when I turn into a volcano when a telemarketer dares to try and sell insurance to me.

that time when anyone cutting into a queue in front of me will get a stare as cold as antartica and a loaded ‘excuse me’ that will convey what I actually mean: who do you think you are, you f*’n f*er,  and how dare you think you can cut in front of me? You think your time is more valuable than mine? Did you mother never teach you any manners? Do you even know what the word manners means? I bet you don’t, you f*er.

that time when I dont feel guilty about low balling the subziwallah in the bargaining game.

that time when chocolate is a freakin health product – it’s made out of milk isnt it?

that time when red wine is also a freakin’ health product – grapes?!

that favourite time of month that makes being a woman really special.

see you monday, i’m off to tape up my mouth for the weekend.

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