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a resurrection

so I’ve decided to come back here.. to my little space on the net. Will focus more on Mumbai, my writing, photos, and thoughts than on personal posts, as that is what had caused me to stop in the end – it all can be a bit strange, this sharing with strangers of our inner lives, no?


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and I’m back…

after a very long break, I am resurrecting the blog as I now really do have something to talk about.. pregnancy! today puts me at 16 and a half weeks and there is finally a bit of a bump developing (although it also be mistaken for the result of an overindulgent lunch).

the last few months have been a whirlwind of nausea and vomiting; house renovations and planning; packing, moving and unpacking; study failures and successes; hours waiting for repairmen and kitchen fun wherein I try to remember how to cook and be a good homemaker for my hardworking husband (so far i’m up to about 3 meals per week).

 I have decided to put the business plans on hold for a while, a year or so I guess, as I dont really have the mental space for it at the moment, along with the fact that I am still going through bouts of nausea and get exhausted after 2 hours out of the house. I decided I woulsn’t be able to do it justice right now and would only stress myself out, so instead am concentrating on the house, study, eating well and looking after myself. I have yet to put on any weight (undecided if I should be happy that i’ve lost 5kgs so far?!) so am trying to force myself to constantly eat, eat, eat. which isn’t a bad project to be working on!

so that’s me.. will be back to regular posting from now on, and some bump pics and house renovation pics to come soon



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mumbai tonight

…is breezy and hot. A crow is outside my window is caw cawwing it’s lungs out and if i knew for sure it was the one that woke me up at 6am and 6.15am this morning I would have no hesitation in throwing something at it.

I am surrounded by a pile of papers.. trying to study and start a business from the 2 ft square desk area where you also keep all bills, receipts, old journals, fabric samples and orange peels is not so good an idea.. The tangled mess of wires from the new high speed internet is forgiven for the 10% of desk area it also takes up, but I’m sure the novelty will wear off soon.

Mumbai tonight is noisy (when isn’t it?), and horns are honking furiously on the street below, protesting indignantly at that taxi pulling in front of them, or the light which is just about to turn green.

The sea breeze is strong and is rattling windows and blowing the curtains around. My fan is making slow circles above my head and some excel sheets are trying to make a break for it from underneath the cordless phone.

The Word document ‘assignment one’ (due on Friday) keeps intruding on my pleasant internet surfing, as does the pile of dirty laundry in the corner of the room.

Mumbai tonight is just another Tuesday in March.. the promise of a long weekend ahead, the knowledge of 2 more days (of assignment writing) to go…

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have been reading a few new blogs lately..

sfgirlbybay has some lovely interviews – her latest with Annie Galvin is a lovely peek into the everyday life of this super creative woman – and her photos are always beautifully colourful and atmospheric.

and speaking of great photos Jen of Nectar and Light is another favourite read of mine, she has the most amazing ability to capture light in this soft, magical, dreamy way.

I want the little bunny necklace from Twigs and Heather. ain’t it the cutest? I love the other pieces on the site too – using twigs and bark as a cast is so creative and looks great in chunky silver.

The T-shirt above comes from the site H for Home, which is one super choice site – put together by “three kiwis, living overseas, traveling as much as possible and ignoring our student loans… ”
. i love that one above.. (hmm I have a birthday coming up.. anyone?)

I would quite literally kill to be able to get flower bouquets like the one from another lovely blogger –housemartin. Are they not the most beautiful bouquets you have ever seen?! they beat all the lifeless rose + fern combinations which are pretty much all that is available here.

well thats all.. i must go and eat an iceblock, I am recovering from 3 fillings at the dentist today.. i drooled when i went to the pharmacy afterwards so have hibernated at home since, waiting for the anaesthesia to wear off…

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today a GREAT man came to visit.. a representative of MTNL, the goverment telecom company, and he had in his hand a special special box containing my super fast triband modem!

I am connected, online, high speed on the great world wide web..and can save the inefficient Reliance data-card (which despite what anyone says is slow and irritating, especially when you are a podcast downloading freak) for travelling.


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sourcing supplies

i have been spending the last few weeks trying to identify products and sources for my online store – Rose and Sunder. I had planned to work with fair trade organisations only, but then wondered if I’d get what I was looking for – plus there are only so many fair trade groups in India, so how will i get something different?

today i came across a blog post that firmly made up my mind – it’s fair trade or nothing.

 this post on child labour in Delhi is heartbreaking.
Spend a couple of minutes and find out where some of the lovely jewelry and crafts that you may have bought in India , or even in your own country, may have been made.

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