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and I’m back…

after a very long break, I am resurrecting the blog as I now really do have something to talk about.. pregnancy! today puts me at 16 and a half weeks and there is finally a bit of a bump developing (although it also be mistaken for the result of an overindulgent lunch).

the last few months have been a whirlwind of nausea and vomiting; house renovations and planning; packing, moving and unpacking; study failures and successes; hours waiting for repairmen and kitchen fun wherein I try to remember how to cook and be a good homemaker for my hardworking husband (so far i’m up to about 3 meals per week).

 I have decided to put the business plans on hold for a while, a year or so I guess, as I dont really have the mental space for it at the moment, along with the fact that I am still going through bouts of nausea and get exhausted after 2 hours out of the house. I decided I woulsn’t be able to do it justice right now and would only stress myself out, so instead am concentrating on the house, study, eating well and looking after myself. I have yet to put on any weight (undecided if I should be happy that i’ve lost 5kgs so far?!) so am trying to force myself to constantly eat, eat, eat. which isn’t a bad project to be working on!

so that’s me.. will be back to regular posting from now on, and some bump pics and house renovation pics to come soon




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