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right now

i am sitting on a deep soft comfortable sofa, my laptop balanced on a colorful cushion on my lap. the remains of eggs florentine and a creamy cafe latte are being carried away by my friendly waiter while the ceiling fans slowly whirl above our heads. billie holiday is singing through the stereo system, echoing round the high teak beams of this old colonial building that has been converted into a delicious cafe. I am surrounded by white walls, white ceiling, and white tables with old fashioned white lace tablecloths. The wallpaper is an old fashioned dainty flower print which mirrors the bowls of fresh flowers on every table. Two massive chandeliers dominate the room, one crystal and antique-y, one abstract and modern with spirals carved in egg shaped bowls, each one cupping a small glowing bulb. The traffic noise outside is dulled by the row of palms that line the wide balcony at the entrance. My tummy is full and I am totally relaxed. 10 hours left until I fly out of  Bali and I wish I could stay here forever.


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I am off to Bali next week! very excited about having 8 uninterrupted days with my husband to swim, sunbathe, eat, drink, snorkel and r e l a x together. it’s our longest holiday with just us together for a while and is going to be divine. here’s some pictures of my daydreams this week…

let’s hope we can ignore the blackberrys and internet and tv for a whole week and instead get tanned and healthy and full of seafood and siestas.

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I stumbled across this little gem today : The Dump Blog 

and who wouldn’t want to know about the fecal adventures of a random guy who writes so poeticly about his shitty exploits?

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you little cracker

some photos from our cracking diwali weekend…




at Marine Drive on Friday night, along with about another few hundred thousand people and a billion firecrackers, rockets, atom bombs, sparklers, fountains, spinning wheels and bangers:







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another gem from the itty bitty kitty committee.
have a great weekend! will post some diwali pics on Monday

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happy diwali

leaving the office now for a long lazy weekend, punctuated by mad fireworks lighting on Marine Drive and the consumption of way too many sweets.


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