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20-20 World Cup Champions

What an evening Monday night was – all of India were on the edge of their seats while watching the fantastic subcontinent final between India and Pakistan. And what a game! Really such a perfect ending for an exciting competition, and who can’t like a format that means you can watch over a few beers after work and still be home by 9pm. Dhoni’s crew were awesome, for once not saddled with expectations, pressure and guilt of their older players, the young guys could go out and play how they wanted to. Compared to the semi final between NZ and Pakistan, this game was awesome and New Zealand didn’t really deserve to make it through any further. What was Taylor thinking with all those run outs and dropped catches? he was a disappointment for me.

The Indian team arrived back in Mumbai today and were greeted by crowds the whole 20km into South Mumbai. So much happiness and relief that India is finally a success in the cricket arena again, the public was hungry to see scenes like this again!



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So spent a few days last week in this southernmost town for work. Had quite a bit of spare time in the afternoons hanging out at my guesthouse and got a bit obsessed with the gorgeous local birdlife and the squirrels! We don’t have squirrels in New Zealand so I’m a bit crazy over them – it’s like the Korean tourists that come to NZ and fall in love with sheep – Squirrels for me are the epitomy of cuteness really, those little claws with their human-like food holding skills, that twitchy little nose, that soft strokeable fur and those big adoreable eyes. I took a few photos… and some of birds too:

On my other afternoon I went for a drive into ‘town’ to check it out. Came across a beautiful church and a typically ornate Tamil hindu temple.

and around town:

(i wish that guy hadn’t chosen to wipe his nose just when snapped his shot. still, i love the background)

Popped into a sari shop when I was there, for a quick look.. 2 hours and 5 saris later I emerged a happy shopper.. all the staff and customers had a very entertaining time watching me go through their entire silk sari collection.. It was very strange to be in a town where hindi isnt spoken. In Tamil Nadu (the state) everyone speaks Tamil and most people also speak at least basic english. Where the english fails I am used to being able to step in with my basic hindi but here I was completely back to not understanding a single thing around me, like when I first arrived in India. Quite a strange feeling.

Tuticorin is a very industrious town, with a busy port, power plant, fertiliser factories, copper producers, log importers and saw mills, a bustling container port and ‘stuffing yards’ and acres of salt lakes:

As I made the 2hour journey to the closest airport when I left, came across this bizarre sight:

This god is about 40 or 50 metres high! There was some other large idols and creatures in the complex as well but unfortunatly my driver (who was tearing past trucks and over potholes at 80km/hr) didn’t understand ‘slow the hell down’ so that I could get a better pic than this.

Now again tomorrow evening to the Gulf.. will again try to update this but I fear my blogging is getting rather sporadic. Stay with me thoguh, I’ll be back soon! 

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well you are probably sick to death of that 7000 post!?

I am in busy bee mode again – off to Tuticorin on Thursday for a couple of days and the  back to the UAE the following week… clocking up the airmiles so I don’t mind at all! In fact planning on trying to use those airmiles for a long weekend sometime before Christmas and thinking about somewhere within the region nearby, but someone a bit different and interesting – I’ve got Oman and Yemen on my radar at the moment.. they both sound so exotic don’t they? I’m picturing gorgeous mosques and forts, great beaches and market shopping, perfect for a 3 or 4 day holiday.

Also loving the overdose of sporting events on at th emoment.. The All Blacks continue at their gorgeous and cup-winning best with a slamming win over Portugal 108 – 3.. now if only I could actually SEE some of those games I would be happy.. unfortuantly Rugby isn’t the most popular game on the Indian Subcontinent but we have found one channel that is screening the finals, thanks god, so are trying to subscribe to it in time..

20-20 Cricket World cup is also quite exciting and we had a great match on Sunday afternoon – INDIA vs NEW ZEALAND.. the household was split, though quite unevenly and I was thoroughly outnumbered.

Luckily this fabulous guy was playing:

and really I didn’t have to worry about a thing.. Jacob Oram was superb with the bat, as was Daniel Vettori with the ball.

Just seen NZ kick some English butt as we speak so we are in great form

It certainly is great to be a New Zealand sport lover at the moment..

Now if Pakistan beat Australia I will be really happy….

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7000 hits.. thats fairly impressive I reckon

to celebrate – a favourite Dilbert strip:


we have a visitor to our office this month who brought with him a present that is driving me crazy today.

I have a serious love hate relationship with these things:

I hate the fact that i LOVE them so much..and there is a HUGE box of them sitting on the coffee table about 5m away from my desk.. I think I devoured about 6 or 7 of them last night.. 1 or 2 this morning.. and my eye keeps being drawn back to the table.. STOP.. NO.. but they are so chocolatey and crispy and nutty.. mmmmmm just one more ok?

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easily amused

there are two words that I come across from time to time in my job, due to the fact that my work involves large ships. these two words always make me giggle:

Poop Deck


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