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something to think about this weekend perhaps..

The War in Iraq:
The worldwide update of reported civilian deaths in the Iraq war and occupation
currently over 70,000 and counting

Soldier deaths by Coalition Country
4,373 and counting…

HELLO George Bush??!! Something’s not working here!!!

these are not just random counters, this is the actual death toll. 75,000. Think of all the mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, sisters, brothers, grandparents, grandchildren, aunties, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, husbands, wives, friends and colleagues who are grieving for each one of those 75,000 people.

Think how much pain and fear all the rest of the Iraqis are living in now.

How many years it will take to rebuild basic infrastructure.

How many generations it will take to dull the grief of loss.

Last weekend in Hyderabad 42 people were killed and 60 were injured in a blast in an auditorium.

Bombings are starting to become ‘normal’ in India, and seem to be forgotten about within a few days in the news. 

scary times


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pleasing pictures

(by Miguel Costa)

(by Guenter Eh)

(by Oochappan)

(again by Guenter Eh)

All courtesy of pbase.com

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I have been avidly reading everything that Keri Smith has written on her lovely blog the wish jar. This woman is creativity defined.. and a couple of the books on the side are the Amazon purchase that i am gleefully waiting for. If her list of 100 ideas doesn’t get your creative juices flowing then nothing will! She also has a bunch of photos up on Flickr, including the set from create-a-thing-a-day-month which includes great ideas like ‘skins’, an un-branding project that you can use to cover your every consumables, like cereal or toothpaste. I also like this idea – a list of things that were important to me that no longer exist and how to be an explorer of the world .. very inspirational

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so yes, I have been slack lately, with posts..

so lets do a quick update…

Yoga continues, 6 days a week i actually get up at 6am. havent done the rubber hose thingee yet though, it still freaks me out. as do all the snotty phlegmy noises i have to listen to at 6.30am. bleurgh.

Monsoon continues, we had a thunder and lightening storm the other night – one massive crack of thunder woke me up and i thought I bomb had gone off, in that half-asleep kind of confusion i looked out all the windows trying to see smoke.. when the next lightning flashed (right above our building) I realised what it was but couldn’t sleep for ages. that was some loud thunder.

Husband is away in Germany then Singapore this week, so I am all on my lonesome. It was his birthday last week and on the weekend we had a great night out at a new Chinese Restaurant at the Grand Hyatt – ‘China House’. Very lush and fancy and huge and decorated like an old Chinese shophouse. We had a booth to ourselves and spent a good three hours eating yum food and throwing back some good aussie wines. delish. discovered a bar downstairs a bit later and had my first tequila shot since i swore off it about 10 years ago. yuck, i’m off it for another 10 years I think.. but a good night and nice to be out with friends in a new spot. now if only they’d lower their prices by about half I’ll be back again in a flash..

This week I have fallen into one of my common melancholy and irritable moods that i get from time to time, especially when work is crap.. one of those moods that really enjoys a comic strip like this:

But I have high hopes for the books ordered from Amazon and the cosmetics from Evolu which should arrive soon .. nothing like a bit of retail therapy to lift a girl’s spirits!

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out on the farm

K and I spent the day on Saturday out at a neighbours farm, about 3 hours from South Mumbai.

SO nice to get out of the city for the day.. I hadn’t realised how much I missed being out in the country.. getting some dirt between my toes, smelling fresh cut grass and being surrounded by a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e   c-a-l-m. no honking, no hooting, no yelling, no banging… just some birds and the breeze in the bamboo.

The farm had big old mango trees, banana trees, chikoo trees, rice paddies, palm groves, frangipani galore, plus loads of other small plants here and there.. yams, tumeric, black pepper, lemon grass and limes among others.. so it was a beautiful green delight, especially in the middle of monsoon. Here’s the view from the top of a hill in the farm, along with some snaps of various plants and stuff around the place.

(click to enlarge, and yes I know I need to remove that annoying date)








does anyone know what this last vegetable is? Inside it looks like a pomegranate, fill of pink fleshy seeds, but apparently it’s a vegetable and you need to cook it, spiky skin and all.

We also went for a swim in a nearby river… a swift, wide river that was deep and refreshing. We had to swim inthe rockpools to the side though as we were about 15m upstream of some pretty healthy looking rapids! 




when we were leaving we met this fellow:


and this fellow:


Came home tired, sunburnt and full of wada pav from a roadside stall.. yum.. crashed in bed with time for just one more blurry grin for y’all


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farming it

so we’re off for some fresh country air this weekend. One of our neighbours has a farm somewhere about 3 hours drive away.. quite frankly I dont have a clue where, but all I care about is that it is sure to have

-fresh air


-open space

-nice smells

-somewhere to go for a walk

-no honking horns

-no people staring

-in fact, hardly any people at all.

This is all I am looking forward to, my expectations are not high.. I’m sure it will be quite different to a New Zealand farm.. no sheep, cows, jandals, no. 8 wire to be seen.. instead I know he has mango and banana trees and possibly some monkeys. I am craving open space and quiet. and maybe some grass underneath my bare feet. If I remember to charge my camera tonight (I have 3 reminders set so here’s hoping) then you will get all the pictures on Monday morning !

have a nice weekend

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This comic strip definitly rivals Dilbert as a favourite. The trials and tribulations of Zebra, Rat, Pig and Goat never to fail to make me giggle over my morning chai. Here’s a couple of recent snippets-

both courtesy of comics.com

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