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Came across this article:


recently, which is a really interesting look at the political situation in India today and good analysis of the right wing hindu parties methods of control and agitiation. I really agree with the author that the conflict that is envisaged between west and east, christian and muslim, hindu and muslim whatever name you want to call it, is actually a conflict inside nations, or indeed, inside individuals:


It is comforting for Americans to talk about a clash of civilizations. That thesis tells us that evil is outside, distant, other, and that we are perfectly all right as we are. All we need do is to remain ourselves and fight the good fight. But the case of Gujarat shows us that the world is very different. The forces that assail democracy are internal to many, if not most, democratic nations, and they are not foreign: They are our own ideas and voices, meaning the voices of aggressive European nationalism, refracted back against the original aggressor with the extra bile of resentment born of a long experience of domination and humiliation.

The implication is that all nations, Western and non-Western, need to examine themselves with the most fearless exercise of critical capacities, looking for the roots of domination within and devising effective institutional and educational countermeasures. At a deeper level, the case of Gujarat shows us what Gandhi and Tagore, in their different ways, knew: that the real root of domination lies deep in the human personality. It would be so convenient if Americans were pure and free from flaw, but that fantasy is yet another form that the resourceful narcissism of the human personality takes on the way to bad behavior.


Would love to hear your thoughts on this article.


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i trained

Tried the latest iTrain last night – iStrength with Nick… this involves lots of weights and different bodyparts and gym equipment. Unfortunatly our gym isn’t as well equipped as it should be so had to kind of make up alternatives. Also i’m a bit of a klutz around barbells and so at one stage found myself trapped under the barbell with too much weight on it and I couldn’t get out. Nick was yelling in my ear ‘ thats it, now LIFT, exhale, YEAH! you can do it, Great form! You are on your way to a new body!’. While actually I had the giggles and was being strangled by a dumbell with 20 pounds on it that had me pinned to the bench. Managed to do a kind of sideways slide that left me in an ungraceful pile on the floor with Nick still shouting ‘YOU CAN DO IT! Look at those biceps, FEEL the squeeze, LOVE the squeeze!’

We then moved onto push ups. I know there are probably lots of people who can do push ups really well, but seriously, if you are fit enough to do them would you really need a personal trainer off the internet? I got into the lying position all ready to go and Nick says ‘ALL RIGHT, let do it, lets work those arms! Now Push up! One, Two, Three, Four!.’ I was like wtf, I still trying to straighten my elbows for number one and he’s up to number four! C’mon Nick, have some pity for us weaklings. I made it to 3 by the time he was up to 12, and then watched the news on the telly while he puffed through 2 more sets. ‘LOVE the pain, feel that BURN. That burn is getting you a NEW BODY. INHALE, EXHALE. Great Form!’

I love that Nick is so optimistic. He never hesitates to compliment me on my form, no matter if I’m watching TV, lying on the floor drinking water or making a pathetic attempt to copy his moves. What a guy.

Later this week… iSculpt, where Grace tries to get me to do yoga and ballet moves while sculpting my lower body. Sounds like there is a great potential for klutziness there, thank god for noone else wanting to use the gym in the evenings. 

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Cricket rules

Got friends that don’t understand cricket?

Just forward them this simple explantion and all will be clear….

You have two sides, one out in the field and one in.
Each man that’s in the side that’s in goes out, and when he’s out he comes in and the next man goes in until he’s out.
When they are all out, the side that’s out comes in and the side that’s been in goes out and tries to get those coming in, out.
Sometimes you get men still in and not out.
When a man goes out to go in, the men who are out try to get him out, and when he is out he goes in and the next man in goes out and goes in.
There are two men called umpires who stay out all the time and they decide when the men who are in are out.
When both sides have been in and all the men have been out, and both sides have been out twice after all the men have been in, including those who are not out,
… that is the end of the game.

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Intelligent Graffitti

I stumbled across the works of Banksy, a UK artist a while back. He uses anonymity, graffitti, surprise and stealth in his art and his messages are usually political and nearly always controversial. he has snuck into the Tate Museum and the Louvre and successsfully placed his own ‘works of art’ amongst the work of ‘genius’. He’s the guy that doctored Paris Hilton’s CDs with the words ‘every CD you buy puts me a little bit out of your league’, when they were released. He also painted such beauties as these:

(above is on the Israel/Palestine wall)

(Banksy uses rats a lot as ‘they exist without permission, have no respect for the hierachy of society and they have sex fifty times a day’).




I love protest graffiti. it makes such a powerful statement and I love the way it moves the power over public space from the hands of the government to us. I dont like kids spraypainting shit all over people’s houses though, but I think that Intelligent Graffiti is an effective and powerful medium of expression.


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new zealand

some nice nz images from nzedge.com

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The weekend

Why are weekends always too short? How can it be Monday already?

Had a fun Friday night round at the Germans’ place. They have a new Karaoke playstation game that is lots of fun after a few of shots of the strange german schnapps that went with the yummy sausages. So woke up Saturday morning with a pounding headache and memories of belting out really bad 80s songs and with great gusto ..*cringe*

Saturday was then a lazy day mucking round on the laptop (I’m addicting to finding free podcasts now we have an ipod. Have discovered Russell Brand and he is guaranteed to make me laugh my arse off for an hour every week, he rocks). Saturday night, post hangover recovery, we had a big feed of Royal cafe burgers (yum) and lazed on the couch. What a slobby day!

Sunday proved to be not much better, though in the afternoon we hit the shops for a couple of hours to find mother-in-law some warm clothes for her big Tibet trip – she leaves this Friday. Also got some new gym shoes for myself so can no longer use the my-shoes-are-covered-in-ship-oil excuse. Got these babies:


 and will longer suffer from the toe squeeze that my last shoes gave me.

Christianed them this morning with a one hour run (walk) on the treadmill listening to my new personal trainer on the ipod – from itrain.com. God I’m turning into a techno geek.. any way, Grace took me on a run as i am no longer capable of doing it myself and need to be talked through it every minute of the way. Truth was though that Grace had the most annoying American accent that i had to try and ignore her most of the time. New shoes were ultra bouncy and new membership to the downstairs gym (the size of a large wardrobe but in close proximity to apartment so, again, no excuses possible) has begun.

Tomorrow it’s Nicks turn to lead me through the iStrength workout. Let’s hope he’s a bit nicer. The fact that there is actually a gym coach sitting in real life in the gym behind me when I workout may seem a silly really, but you see the one on my ipod can be paused and fastforwarded, which really makes a big difference!


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too cute

Little Sucker

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