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friday poem 2


that time of the month that means i want to spit fire at my husband when he tells me to ‘jaldi, jaldi’ (hurry up) in the mornings.

that time when the honking horns of Mumbai traffic  freakin’ well get on my nerves.

that time when I feel like gouging the eyes out of the taxi driver who stares at my chest.

that time when all reason goes out the door.

that time when I thank god I had the foresight to organise a girls night out with a friend tonight.

that time when I turn into a volcano when a telemarketer dares to try and sell insurance to me.

that time when anyone cutting into a queue in front of me will get a stare as cold as antartica and a loaded ‘excuse me’ that will convey what I actually mean: who do you think you are, you f*’n f*er,  and how dare you think you can cut in front of me? You think your time is more valuable than mine? Did you mother never teach you any manners? Do you even know what the word manners means? I bet you don’t, you f*er.

that time when I dont feel guilty about low balling the subziwallah in the bargaining game.

that time when chocolate is a freakin health product – it’s made out of milk isnt it?

that time when red wine is also a freakin’ health product – grapes?!

that favourite time of month that makes being a woman really special.

see you monday, i’m off to tape up my mouth for the weekend.


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you little beauty

The Black Caps continued their storming roll through the World Cup with a solid win over the West Indies last night. Our bowlers looked in beautiful form with Bond, Oram and Vettori all getting 3 wickets each. Fleming had some great shots and looked good with the bat – his run out was one of the only disappointments of the match, it would have been great to see him play to the end. Styris got a good 80 not out, starting out nice and slowly to support Fleming and then getting on with it when he needed to.

All around good performance, really looking forward to seeing how this team comes up against Australia and South Africa later on in the round.

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