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I have yet to met our mysterious and unlucky new colleague as he has been out visiting various ports around India since he arrived. You may remember however, the unfortunate airport incident when he arrived inMumbai.

I just talked to Capt. George, a Greek associate who is showing him around and was distressed to learn that Mohammed’s luck isn’t getting any better..  today he fell off the jetty into the ocean, complete with his laptop and other necessary items in his bag on his back.

oh dear. Apparently he’s fine, but I guess his spirits must be a bit dampened by now..

is it mean to laugh? 


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can you see…

…a pig with six legs? From the Cloud Appreciation Society’s excellent website.

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How to Date a White Woman

does anyone else find this horribly offensive?

imagine if copies of “How to Score an Indian” were published in NZ?
I’m sure it would be deemed extremely racist..

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indian disappointment

Been in Dubai again for the past week so have lost touch a bit.. but am back again and enjoying World Cup Cricket in full swing.

While NZ has had a great last week with easy wins against Kenya and Canada to take them into the Super 8, poor India didnt fare so well..


After losses to Bangladesh and Sri lanka, India are out of the Cup for good now… and what a fall out in India. 3 people reportedly died of a heart attack after the Sri Lankan game. Tendulkar’s image on billboards has been defaced. Players’ homes have been attacked.  Large companies are gulping after massive campaigns based around the world cup are shelved. People are demanding Dravid and Chappell are sacked immediately. Gloom and doom all round. The general consensus is that match-fixing is involved, same for the Pakistan’s astonishing loss to Ireland and the incredible murder of the Pakistani coach. Really an all round shameful and disappointing appearance from both the subcontinent giants, while Bangladesh and Sri Lankan seem to going in the opposite direction – Bangladesh in particular have been on fire. Looking forward to seeing NZ come up against them again on 2nd April (next Monday), and hope we don’t have a replay of the warm up match where we lost terribly…. and also hoping we will continue our excellent form against West Indies this Wednesday.

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