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a funny story

we have a new colleague, Mohammed, starting in our office today. he’s here for a few months for training and arrived in Mumbai  this afternoon from his hometown in the Maldives.

his flight arrived around 2pm and he gave us a call at 3pm to say the driver at the airport hadn’t yet arrived and what should he do?

we of course called the driver immediately to find out what the problem was and why he had our colleague waiting. the driver answered the phone, with the sound of traffic honking in the background.

 ‘where are you? why are you so late to the airport?’ we said

‘huh? i’m not late, what do you mean’ said the driver

‘Mohammed arrived an hour ago and is waiting at the airport for you!’

‘no! there is no problem, I have him here in the car. We will be there soon, don’t worry’ 

… oh dear…

‘you’ve got the wrong Mohammed!’

‘huh? the Mohammed you have isn’t our Mohammed! you need to go back to the airport and pick up the right one!’

‘oh.. what do i do with this guy?’

‘just drop him some where .. i don’t know!’


 I haven’t seen him yet, I think (i hope) the right guy will be in the office tomorrow morning..


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Welcome to Mumbai


This is South Mumbai.

(Click to enlarge)

My house is somewhere there too, I am lucky not to suffer from the long commute that most Mumbaiikers have to face every morning and evening. This is just a fraction of the city, it continues northwards as a long peninsular sticking out from the mainland. It fits all 16-18 million people very snugly, while still leaving room for cricket (see the brown patches close to my office? These are cricket grounds).

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The hunt is finally over.

I hereby present to you … (drum roll please)

The Perfect mascara

no first-fortnight clumps. In fact no clumps, ever.

Long volumous lashes.



Christian Dior ‘DiorShow’ mascara.

bloody expensive but worth every dollar

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