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back in the office, back to normal…

made the terrible mistake of having drinks with our ceo on Thursday night, a man who is notorious around the world for his drinking abilities. Lets just say my head was still pounding 2 days later, and i was lucky to make my 5pm flight the next afternoon.. while drinking seems to be becoming a bit of a reaccuring theme on this blog, but I am really not an alcoholic, nor do I really drink that much, honest!

so .. monday.. whats news, whats to write.. monday is generally the day of Me Deciding That This Week Will be Productive. I make lists metres long and plan exciting and adventourous things to do during the week like going to plays, seeing exhibitions, going on cycling missions.. this energy usually lasts until Tuesday afternoon, where K has a meeting and I therefore have to go and do aforesaid adventurous items by myself. here i start getting bored and think about the fact that I could have complete control of the TV remote for an evening and so would get to watch E News and Greys Anatomy.. so then I go home and watch TV. On Wednesday we will have to take some guests out to dinner which will mean I’m tired for Thursday. Then by Friday I realise I havent done anything exciting or interesting and plan a whole weekend before I realise I have 7 hours of work to do in the office on Saturday. And Sunday is Stay At Home and Relax day. Thats a rule.  Maybe go cycling at 5pm.

But for now it is Monday and I have full confidence in myself this week. Despite the fact that K is at a conference tonight and it could be a TV nite.. I WILL go swimming. I wanted to go running but I left my shoes in the car. so swimming it is. Then tomorrow running, Wednesday tennis and a play, Thursday a long walk and a visit to the gallery by Rhythm House that I never go to, Friday is NZ vs Enland in the World cup (!).. so thats the week planned. Full steam ahead, I’m off for a swim now.

Wish me luck


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