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mumbai streets

so we had a quiet-ish weekend and didn’t hardly celebrate Holi at all!

Weekend began on Friday night with some drinks with colleagues and yum Chinese, then Saturday in the office for catch-up stuff, lunch at Bombay Gym and a sleep by the pool before a lazy swim. Saturday night we went out for sushi with some friends and then spent Sunday all day lazing, eating some soft, sweet chapatis called pooranpoli (Holi special) and mutton curry and listening to the laughing and screaming outside with the kids of the building all throwing water bombs at each other.

I went for a bike ride in the late afternoon, and enjoyed warm, gusty sunday streets with lots of young boys hanging out high as kites on the traditional bhang (marijuana) drinks that many people  indulge in on this day. Saw a gorgeous Marine Drive sunset before almost getting run off my bike by a driver who saw nothing wrong with taking a left turn from the far right hand lane. Then almost threw up when I passed a crow pleasantly pecking at the intestines of a road kill rat. 

Aaah the joys and sights of Mumbai streets…. 


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