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sites i’m visiting

my new favourite.. the unashamedly girly-gossipy-crappy-but-great-for-5-minute-work-breaks:


Top News Today is a deep, stirring and riveting look at the life and fashions of Victoria Beckham.


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what i’m reading

Really enjoying this biography of Vikram Seth’s Uncle and Aunty with who he lived with while studying at Oxford. Uncle Shanti is his mother’s brother and Aunt Henny is a Jew from Germany. They met in the early 1930s in Berlin and the book chronicles both their stories, and so also gives a perspective of World War 2 and other world events during their life together.

It has a nice slow pace and is very rich in details, perfect bedtime reading.

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The Festival of Colours

It’s Holi again this weekend.. that exciting time of year when we get to run around throwing coloured paints and dyes at each other. Not quite sure sure where we’ll go, it’s generally wise to keep off the streets on the days, as you’ll get bombarded for sure! Normally our building society puts up a marquee and there’s dancing and lots of coloured powder throwing.. good fun. Here’s a pic of our friendly building security guard, who last year spent the whole day looking like this:


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Kitten rescuer punched by a group of thugs


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another weekend flies past too quickly..

Friday night.. I had a night off from hosting the Germans and instead went out with some Kiwis who were in town.. did the usual show-off-the-town crawl: started at Dome for sunset drinks, then dinner at Salt Water Grill, and then we all decided to go to Shiro for a drink ( my first time there).. and wow what a club this last one was. Located out by Phoenix Mill area, Shiro is a two story high, old mill building that has been totally gutted and beautfully renovated. There are 50ft high statues and the whole thing is very Zen-Japanese with water pools and Buddhas and minimalism.. they have incorporated different seating areas that helps make the place cosy and it all works really well. Didn’t try any food but also looks like that is Japanese themed. all together very cool and I’ll go back for sure.


Saturday.. sleep in; lunch with Germans; show the kiwis round for the afternoon (Chowpatty and Crawford Market); then back home by 7pm for a 8.30pm dinner with the Germans.. jeez these foreigners are a needy lot! Though can’t complain when the company is footing the bill for my gourmet lunches and dinners at 5 star restaurants around the city! Also noticed that my mind has developed the new excuse that because I am exercising now (ie been to tennis once) I can therefore eat richly decadent chocolate creme brulee desserts and they will equal each other out. I’m not sure if this quite works but I might test the theory for a couple of weeks …

 Sunday .. pedicure; Sunday home lunch finally, after a long time – yum! Mutton curry.. mmmmmm then went to the movies and saw Blood Diamond in the afternoon. Quite full on with some pretty graphic scenes, but also a little bit weak in places, but a great movie to bring the facts of the diamond trade to public attention.

In the evening dropped my poor travel weary husband off at the airport for another 3 days in Germany.. he’s back again Weds night.

And now its Monday again.. too quickly! Another trip to Dubai is looming in the future, as is the next Tennis lesson which starts in exactly 35 minutes.. If I want more creme brulee I’d better get going..

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another office party

 last night was our annual office party where we invite all our clients and make polite chit chat and then get stupidly drunk at the end. This year was no different.

Usually I hate the chitchat and find I have absolutly nothing to say to the old Indian business men whose names I can never remember and whose companies I get completely confused. Last night I discovered the secret that after exactly 3.5 glasses of chardonnay it really gets a whole lots easier.. oh how the chit chatting and hobnobing came so easily to me, i was moving round the room having witty and interesting conversations with everyone, and lots of back slapping and smug laughs ensued.

Then so quickly, i had reached glass 5 and a quarter and in the middle of a conversation with our elderly accountant i heard a slur slip in.. oops.. a quick correction and a glass of water and I thought i was back on track. Soon the buffet was ready and I, being the witty and popular host, went round every group to tell them this.

Glass 6 got left somewhere that I couldn’t remember so then Glass 7 was poured. I had some food then, with extra helpings of dessert as diets go out the window when you’re up to glass 7.

Most of the crowd was starting to leave by now so I stood at the door for a while with my husband being the gracious (and swaying) host. Left him to get glass 8 and by now some of the other office guys had started to dance a bit so I asked the DJ to play some more hindi pop that would get everyone excited.

Then spent glass 8 rambling on to the arrogant boss from Germany, telling him (oh how i cringe now) my thoughts and ideas on the projects business – I’ve been in the industry for 15 months and he’s been 15 years so of course needed to hear all about it from me. 

We all spent the next hour dancing terribly and thankgod there was the usual client-who-drinks-too-much-and-makes-an-absolute-arse-of-himself-on-the-dance-floor. This is good because it draws attention away from the rest of us who are trying to hide how pissed we really are, and means we can look at him and laugh smugly thinking god I’m glad I didnt get that pissed, boy is he going to have a headache.

Then the lights come up to reveal  bloodshot eyes and cigarette butts on the floor and me standing in the corner with a colleague, both of us holding huge glasses of baileys and ice that sounded like a great idea at the time but which I suddenly realise are not going to mix well with the 9 glasses of wine sloshing around my stomach.. but hey its an office party and it’s fun to be happy so we both decide to polish off the glasses then and there.. 

let’s just say that my head is rather sore and I had to wear my sunglasses in the office for the first half.. am now attempting to have some soup and bread for lunch but am not sure how thats going to go down..

I would say oh well tgif, but there’s kiwis in town and there’s some partying on the schedule tonight too. I’m not sure if my witty banter will be quite so up to par tonight but maybe I’ll try to actually stop at the 3.5-glasses-lubricated-chit-chat level.

yeah right

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Mumbai’s Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus / Victoria Terminus train station.

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